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Modern Pampering was born for the idea that women don't need to spend so much time to pamper themselves. Yes, all day at the spa is AMAZING, but we just don't have that kind of time. If you take a few minutes while you are doing something else, like using a luxury bar of handmade soap instead of you commercial brand soap, your mind and body will thank you for giving them what they crave, ATTENTION! We as women forget about ourselves, we forget how important and valuable we are, and if we don't give back to ourselves then we are drinking from an empty cup!

Most people don't realize commercial brand products are actually classified as detergents which strip and dry out your skin. Where as handmade soaps are true soap which leaves your skin soft, silky, and moisturized. You should feel an immediate difference.

Modern Pampering's mission is to remind women to take the time to pamper yourself. While the kids are sleeping take that shower you desperately need and use the good soap, apply premium lotion at your desk while your students are taking a test, or keep your lips smooth and moisturized between patients.