Wooden Shaving Bowl
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Wooden Shaving Bowl

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Step back in time and improve your shave with this wooden shaving bowl & lid!  This bowl is simple and elegant in appearance, easy to clean, lightweight and fits easily in the palm of your hand.  It helps prevent your shave soap from slipping and great for storing your shave soap when not in use.  To be used with one of our shave brushes and shave soap refill pucks. 

Bowl & Lid dimensions are  3.25" W x 2.16" W

How to use:  To be used with one of our shaving brushes.  Wet brush and shake out excess water.  In a circular motion, start lathering your brush in the shave soap jar.  Once desired lather is achieved, use brush to apply lather to shaving area and commence shaving.  Keep your shave soap dry between uses for best longevity.  

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