Boardwalk Soap Saver Tray
Boardwalk Soap Saver Tray
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Boardwalk Soap Saver Tray

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Want your handmade soap to stay dry and last longer?
This is a gorgeous Handmade Sealed Boardwalk Wood Soap Saver Tray. This all natural sealed wood soap dish has minimal surface area to minimize the sticking of the soap. The wide channels allows the water to quickly drain and extend the life of the soap. This not only allows your soap to dry quicker and extending life to the soap, but it also extends the life of the soap dish.

Each soap dish is designed to quickly drain water off soaps, keeping them dry and lasting longer. These soap dishes are a one piece design with no nails, glue or anything that can come apart after years of use. Size 2.75"x4"

We recommend using two of these dishes, and changing them out every few weeks. This will allow one of your dishes to dry while you use the other. In the long run this will greatly extend the life of your soap dish.

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