Luxury Sapphire Blue Ceramic Shaving Brush
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Luxury Sapphire Blue Ceramic Shaving Brush

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Step back in time and improve your shave with this LUXURY marbled sapphire blue and black badger hair shaving brush!  This is an exceptional grooming tool with a resin handle and marble design.  Great quality, functional and a unique style.

** Natural badger hair brushes are a higher quality brush that provide a better lather.  They scrub the skin which opens the pores to stimulate the hair follicles so the hair stands straight, which allows for a closer shave.  Badger hair is known to hold the most water, retain the most heat and is the most flexible which creates a lather faster.  This high quality shaving brush can help give you a superb shaving experience. 

Badger Hair Brush length is 4.9" knot is 26mm. 

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